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TCS Rural IT Quiz National Finals 2010

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These are the questions from the National Finals of TCS Rural IT Quiz 2010 held at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore on 30-10-2010.

First Round (Login)

  • Old IBM(CTRC) logo
  • Hector Ruiz (AMD) pictures
  • Robert Kahn’s picture (TCP/IP guy)
  • Osborne-1 picture(first portable computer)
  • Gordon Moore picture
  • Gopher definition
  • First high-level programming language created by John Backus for IBM in 1954. Original name – ‘speedcoding’ – FORTRAN
  • Alan Turing’s picture

Second Round (Password) – Crossword

  • First mobile was created by ? Motorola
  • Moone Charles wrote a book ‘Superman of Computing’ about whom ? Seymour Cray
  • Ursala Burns is CEO of which company ? XEROX
  • Symantec’s main product ? Norton
  • Passages from life of a philosopher ? Charles Babbage
  • Tanaka Engineering Works is today known as ? Toshiba
  • D2H is a direct to home service by whom ? Videocon
  • Seamus Backley made the design of this ? Xbox
  • Do Communication over Mobile ? DoCoMo
  • Lord Byron’s daughter – Ada Lovelace
  • Greek origin which means Wind Horse ? Asus (from Pegasus)

Third Round (Random Access)

  • Which IT company is called the Big Blue ? IBM
  • This famous processing tool was released with the name ‘MicroPro’ ? WordStar
  • This hardware device is used to connect portable device to[...] ? Cradle
  • In 1982, two friends Warnock and Geshcke found this company ? Adobe
  • How many terrabytes make a petabyte ? 1024

Fourth Round (India Inspired)

  • Logo of the ADHAR project, India’s UUID project
  • ISRO logo
  • Picture of India’s EKA supercomputer
  • C-DOT logo

Fifth Round – TCS (Thirty Crucial Seconds, not TCS ;) )

  • A German Engineer developed a programming language called “Plan Claculus” in 1948. Created the first program controlled Turing-complete computer called Z3 ? Konrad Zuse
  • Originally owned by Seattle Computer Products, created by Tim Patterson ? DOS
  • Slate and Tablet were expected names of this device ? iPad

Score Board
PPC, Udupi, Karnataka : 120
DAV Public School, Orissa : 100
Sanmati High School, Madhya Pradesh : 30
Vibjyor High, Gujarat : 20
Nalanda Vidyaniketan, Andhra Pradesh : 10
St. Xavier High School, Jammu & Kashmir : 0
Virat Public, Rajasthan : 0
Model High School, Nagaland : 0

The competition between teams from Karnataka and Orissa was tough. Nakul and Athreya from PPC, Udupi finally bagged the trophy and a cash scholarship of 75K with an impressive show and loads of goodies. I couldn’t believe that I had won this same quiz two years back. Their level of quizzing and the competition now was way too high. Being their 5th time @ TCS Rural IT Quiz, this was their last chance, so they were determined to take the trophy home this time and were confident that nothing could stop them. Congrats !
P.S: The show’s gonna air on Doordarshan. I don’t know when.

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  1. October 31st, 2010 at 07:26 | #1

    Questions are widely spread.. Familiar questions though.. As you mentioned swiftness is the order of the day.. Nice to see that a Udupi team has won the invitational national finals..

    As year goes, every ex-champion starts to marvel at the level of quizzing of upcoming teams. But then the level of exposure and knowledge dissemination increases exponentially as year goes.. For ex : in 2004, knowledge aggregation was 90% magazines, 5% internet and 5% quizzes :)

  2. November 1st, 2010 at 11:14 | #2

    Yeah man :) Questions repeat a lot :(

  3. November 2nd, 2010 at 17:15 | #3

    Thanks dude..i really wann diz.. :-)

  4. Abhishek
    October 15th, 2012 at 10:37 | #4

    Do you (or does anyone) have 2011 rural it quiz national level questions?

  5. Swastik
    October 15th, 2012 at 19:26 | #5

    Does ny1 hav a link 2 the vdo of the 2011 rural it quiz ???? If u hav it Pls post it as son as

    possible.It would realy help us for preparing for the nationals

  6. Miella
    April 26th, 2013 at 13:03 | #6

    Please post more questions but thank for doing this much! :)

  7. Miella
    April 26th, 2013 at 13:04 | #7

    Miella :
    Please post more questions but thank for doing this much!


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